Bash function that accepts white space arguments


This example shows how to create a bash function that will accept white space arguments.
This doesn’t come up often but when it does I have to re-discover how to do it.
This little reminder will make that rediscovery process unnecessary.

# Decorate it with prefix and suffix information.
# Handle arguments with white space.
# Usage:
#   runcmd git --nopager diff -stat
#   runcmd git commit -a -m 'this is my commit message' file.ext
function runcmd() {
  # Build the Cmd string from the input.
  # Quote arguments that have embedded white space.
  local Cmd=''
  for Arg in "$@" ; do
    if echo "$Arg" | grep ' ' 1>/dev/null ; then
      Cmd="$Cmd '$Arg'"
      Cmd="$Cmd $Arg"
  Cmd=${Cmd:1}  # strip leading space

  # Prefix.
  echo ''
  echo '# ================================================================'
  echo "# Cmd: $Cmd"
  echo "# Pwd: $(pwd)"
  echo '# ================================================================'

  # Execute the command.
  eval time $Cmd
  local Status=$?

  # Suffix.
  echo "# Status: $Status"
  if (( $Status )) ; then
    exit $Status
  return 0  # just in case the caller is checking


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