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- why the blog?

I had one, 10.. 15? years ago. But lack of time, and lack of patience to maintain what became more of a medical blog rather than a technical one, made me turn it off. Now, today, this will be about technology (my content and whatever else I find that merits a mention), cartoons, and whatever the hell I want. The Internet is full of shit. So… “This is my shit. There is many shit like mine, but this is my shit.”

- why the nick?

The nick was born in 1988, when I sent my first email using a 300 bauds modem, using SMTP commands. I have been using it ever since, and apart from some copycat wannabes -every time I read “this nick is taken” when registering somewhere, I no longer get mad, now I just think “there can be only one” and shrug- it has been my handle everywhere. Some (actually, many) people that know me IRL don’t even know what is M3ta’s real name. But I am sure NSA and GCHQ do know, so… if you are curious, ask /them/ :-P